It's super simple, give it a try


We assume that you already have a basic working knowledge of React and have already set up a React project. If you’re new to React, we recommend you look at the Getting Started guide before continuing.

There are 2 ways to integrate with us:

Light integration - Antic Group's SDK as an Iframe wrapper.


  • Minimal dependencies
  • Isolated hosted UI
  • Not part of your application codebase
npm install @anticxyz/groups

Standard integration - Antic Group's SDK as a component.


  • Part of your application codebase
  • Optimized performance
  • Better identity management
npm install @anticxyz/so-widget


Talk to us!

Our product evolves and improves as you build on top of it, iterating quickly to help support new use cases and constantly optimizing for value. To do so effectively, we want your feedback. Any feedback is welcomed - good, bad, or neutral.
You can share your input via email at [email protected]

For tech questions, clarifications or god forbid issues, please utilize the Discussions tab

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