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What is Antic?

We founded Antic to help businesses integrate co-ownership modules into their platform offering. Our Web3 infrastructure opens up new engagement and monetization opportunities for companies from the most prominent industries - whether their users, customers, or community are web3 natives or mainstream.

We make it easy for you (the developer) to create a seamless onboarding experience, an out-of-the-box group-checkout flow, allowing you to focus on developing your core product. Antic's SDK unlocks the potential of Web3 in a simple, three-step integration.

Our closed beta experience

Antic is in closed beta. Our product evolves and improves as you build on top of it, iterating quickly to help support new use cases and constantly optimizing for value. To do so effectively, we want your feedback. Any feedback is welcomed - good, bad, or neutral. You can share your input via email at [email protected], send us a DM on Twitter @GetAntic, or message us on Linkedin.

What’s Next