Who is Antic for?

With Antic’s SDK, you can programmatically add a shared ownership layer to your platform. Leveraging web3 inherent trust to allow your consumers to co-own and manage their ownership creates new engagement and monetization models for your business. We aim to minimize implementation and configuration time so you can continue focusing on your core product development. You may benefit from Antic’s SDK if you operate in one of the following industries/domains:

  • Fintech platforms, E-commerce, or Alternative Asset Marketplaces: You are a web2 or web3 marketplace or trading platform that wants to make your most sought-after objects co-ownable and embed Antic’s seamless checkout experience into your platform.

  • Gaming companies: You are a gaming platform that wishes to provide engaging social experiences to your players by adding in-game group purchases and other dynamic group interactions.

  • Labels, Talent, and Platforms: You constantly develop and manage valuable strategic partnerships. You want to add flexibility and make the rev-sharing process more agile.

What’s Next